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cristopher cristia
cristopher cristia

What seems like a lifetime ago, there was a man named Manny Cristia who had a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur after watching all of his uncles and his mother achieve great success in business.

In fact, Manny's mother was the first woman in Chicago to own a Dancehall. 

All of Manny's uncles became successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs with companies that encompassed a wide range of various Industries.

Manny went on to create Cristal Enterprises, Inc. which has been in business for over 25 years!


In the beginning, his company was a licensed and board-certified HVAC installation & maintenance company.


But in the early 90s when the internet was born, Manny saw an amazing opportunity and created — The first company in history to manufacture, distribute, and sell air filters on the internet.

Everyone thought that he was nuts and this internet thing was a bunch of hype.


But, Manny continued pushing forward and eventually created one of the most successful air filter distribution companies in the United States.

During this time, Manny's son Cristopher Cristia was watching and learning the ways of his father and ancestors whom all come from entrepreneurial backgrounds.

At the age of 13, Cristopher Cristia read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.


That is when Cristopher made up his mind that he was going to follow in his family's footsteps and become the most successful entrepreneur that he could possibly be.

He started out with a local car washing business knocking on neighbors' doors and asking if he could clean their cars. Many people laughed and thought it was funny but that did not stop Cristopher from continuing to pursue his dreams.

Over the years Cristopher did many things such as working for his father's company and eventually becoming the CEO.


Search engine optimization, digital marketing, direct mail, sales techniques, and a multitude of other skill sets we acquired throughout his journey, trials, and tribulations.

In 2001 Cristopher went to Gainesville Florida to visit his sister who was finishing up her doctorate ° in emergency medicine. Cristopher immediately fell in love with the beautiful and Lively college community of Gainesville Florida and enrolled at the university to study business administration.

The combination of being immersed around entrepreneurs while studying business administration taught Christopher a vast amount of necessary skills to launch, maintain and scale companies.

After his studies, Cristopher went on to join his father's company and eventually became the CEO growing it into a million-dollar company!

But, Christopher had his own dreams that he decided to pursue. So, he went on to create a multitude of various companies ranging from the food industry, supplement industry, distribution industry, residential solar industry, and the medical supply industry, to name a few.

After trying just about everything under the sun and achieving great success, he found his true passion which was sales and marketing. And, that is when tsunamis Salesforce was born.

Since the conception of Tsunami Sales Force, the company has experienced double-digit growth every quarter, has never been in debt and has never lost a penny on a single project.