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Anyone can lift weights but becoming a great bodybuilder requires implementation of the 3 D’s which are:

  • Dedication – are you willing to do what it takes?

  • Discipline – can you stick to the program – even when you may want to be doing something else?

  • Determination – do you have the persistence and grit to see the job through?


And even if you can do this you need strong back up from the 3 P’s and they are:


  • Patience – your perfectly sculpted body won’t happen overnight – it will take months of hard work and preparation to get the body you want

  • Perseverance – never give up on yourself. Believe in yourself and keep on keeping on. Keep putting in the work and results will happen

  • Passion – choose a professional and highly motivated coach to keep you strong so you can be the best every day

Choose your bodybuilding coach with care


You need your coach to care as much about your success as you do. 

REMEMBER: If your coach doesn’t care he is no good to you and cannot help you on your journey to bodybuilding success.


Cristopher Cristia has been a passionate bodybuilder for many years and is now proud to share his expertise in helping others to achieve their bodybuilding dream. 


‘Before starting on the bodybuilding journey,’ says Cristopher Cristia ‘it is most important to understand that bodybuilding is not like a few sessions at the gym or a jog around the park a couple of times a week. Bodybuilding requires a whole change of lifestyle and this should be understood before starting the journey. Lifting weights is only part of the process and a professional coach will have the knowledge and ability to train so much more – and how to do so safely.’

Cristopher Cristia specializes in bodybuilder training working on a one-to-one basis with his students. This is because weightlifting is an exact science lifestyle sport and cannot be class-taught. Each sector of learning including:


The planning and development of the fitness routine

  • Daily workout

  • Hypertrophy training

  •  Meal Planning

  • Rest Periods


 Video & Telephone Coaching


Given the growing demand for online and distance bodybuilding and fitness support, Cristopher Cristia also offers video and telephone coaching. The benefits of this type of coaching include:


 24/7 accessibility – whatever your schedule you have Cristopher Cristia on tap; your pre-arranged session with Cristopher can be scheduled fit in with your busy lifestyle wherever you are in the world


Flexibility – with so many people shift-work and out-of-hours you can keep your training schedule regular with face-to-face media contact with Cristopher at times convenient to you


Affordability – this method of coaching is usually less expensive than real-time gym workouts (but no less strenuous!)


Email Coaching


Cristopher has found email caching to be very popular with his overseas clients due to the accessibility of the medium and the fact that it can be alternated with a video or telephone call as required. The email is useful as it allows the client to look back on any aspect or particular points of a session which can be referred to at a later date. The email can also be used as a fitness journal where progress can be logged.  


Cristopher often uses the email coaching solution to add resource recommendations, hints and tips to clients. Client accountability is kept via goals and exercise plans. 


To discuss any aspect of bodybuilding work with Cristopher Cristia get in touch right now

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