Cristopher Cristia, Business Formation, Consulting 

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Cristopher Cristia manages a team of qualified professionals who bring extensive managerial expertise in their own specialist areas gained via years of professional experience in senior corporate roles. We specialize in international start-up advice for businesses around the globe. Our consulting team designs and implements everything you need to build your business safely and within budget anywhere in the world.

Business Formation

My plan is to always get my clients from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible and myself (Cristopher Cristia), and my team does this by offering expert guidance on new business ventures including:


Set up Business Formation services

  • Registration services

  • Taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping

  • Employment Law

  • Auditing and assurance services

  • Legal and branding guidance

  • International networking


Business Consulting

Cristopher Cristia and my team provide a professional and critical assessment of your business and your current market position. From here we can move to the consulting aspect; which is creating a strategic plan, and although this can be difficult and challenging for some businesses, the in-depth assessment carried out initially helps us understand where the business currently stands and where it needs to be in terms of future growth.


Client involvement is key 

Cristopher Cristia and my team believe in the clients we work with and involve them from the outset. This means our clients do not get lost in jargon and are encouraged to engage in the creation of the three-step process of:

  • Design

  • Planning

  • Realization


This is because we understand no one knows the business as our clients do and at Cristopher Cristia Consulting we work together with our clients to carve out the vision needed to achieve those business goals.



With our many years of business expertise from running start-up businesses to turning struggling ventures into successful companies, Cristopher Cristia will quickly develop the strategies required to get your business ahead of the competitors.



Doing what we do best! From family-run businesses to large shareholder concerns; from leisure and hospitality to manufacturing and retail; our extensive experience across the business sectors ensures we have the planning experience for all types of businesses.



Making it real! Implementing the tried-and-tested design strategies to set your business on the path to success.


Your 3 Step Process is Exclusive to Your Business

Cristopher Cristia Consulting works with each and every client on an exclusive basis. This means that every 3 step process undertaken is unique to your business. This works because every business is unique, every business owner is unique and so every successful strategy should also be unique.  


So when you choose our Business Formation, or our Business Consulting service to help you move your business forward we will always keep the 3 step process totally relevant not only to your business but to you as a business owner too.


PLEASE NOTE: we are an independent company and as such may also offer additional specialist services such as:


  • Strategic management

  •  Business turnaround and restructuring

  •  Process improvement

  • HR planning and support

  •  Management accounting

  • Analytics 


Cristopher Cristia is not tied to any specific software, vendors, process methods or other business service providers. This independence allows us the liberty to provide completely impartial and honest advice to our clients which is based on their specific requirements.