Call Center Consulting With Cristopher Cristia

About Cristopher Cristia Call Center Consulting 

Cristopher Cristia has workers in every call center environment you can imagine, both inbound and outbound centers and for all types of companies so if you are looking to set up your call center Cristopher Cristia, is your go-to man. 


Having already built several successful call centers of his own, Cristopher Cristia, with his call center consulting business, offers clients his unique experience and guidance to help them achieve the success he has enjoyed by assisting them to create their call centers.  Cristopher Cristia says ‘Every successful call center should exactly match the requirements of the company whilst keeping costs low and efficiency high.’  


Consulting with clients is what Cristopher does best and his past success rate shows that he understands the call center environment, making him the ideal candidate to take you through the process of creating your call center from the ground up. 


What is a call center?

In short, a call center is a business tool created for improving communication and because it is a tool it should be used with optimum care, precision and cost-efficiently.


In today’s world call centers are used in all kinds of businesses and the type of call center you require will very much depend upon your target market.


Let’s break it down

There are two types of call centers:


  • Inbound call centers: these are usually customer service driven centers 

  • Outbound call centers: these are usually initiated by the company with the employee making calls to a customer. Outbound call centers make both:

  • Cold calls – unsolicited call to a potential customer who has not expressed an interest in the product or service being sold

  • Warm calls – ‘lead’ calls or calls to someone who has expressed an interest 


Call centers are an extremely popular and cost-effective way to market and most mid to large organizations use call centers to get their product and services into the marketplace. Setting up your call center need not be a daunting prospect but you will need the guidance of an experienced call center consulting professional who understands the environment and can take you through the pitfalls whilst helping you to save your dollars whilst doing so.


With Cristopher’s professional approach you will learn:


  • How to effectively generate revenue

  • Hourly rate vs commission

  • How to source and negotiate the best equipment costs

  • How to understand analytics

  • Quality management

  •  Workforce management

  •  How to effectively use console and associated tools

  • CRM integration – what it is and how to use it well

  •  How to train staff quickly and effectively

  • The best way to gain (and keep) new contacts

  • The best B2B online portable available and how to be featured on their platform


How to Attract Clients

There is no doubt that the call center market is a busy one so you need to be one step ahead to succeed. The best way to do that is to do something no one else is doing – be special, be unique and be unforgettable and while you’re doing all that do everything else a bit better too!