A Personal Message from Cristopher Cristia, Dog Lover

‘It’s no secret that dogs change lives; dogs have always changed lives. It’s what they were born to do and no matter what breed they are or how they have been treated in the past these shining creatures can learn to trust again and come through for us, again and again, to prove with a little bit of love and kindness dogs bring it home for us in all kinds of ways. I have 3 beautiful dogs whom I adopted from my local shelter and what wonderful companion pets they are. These animals are a blessing to me and my family every day and I thank God for them.’

Serving humanity – playing their part for dog lovers everywhere

Dogs help and serve humanity in so many ways and I’d like to take a little time out right now to respect all that they, and their owners and handlers to keep the world turning a little bit easier for all the people out there who need it especially at this time of international crisis’  


  • Military 

  •  Disciplined services 

  • Assistance 

  •  Emotional support 

  • Therapy dog 

  • Companion

  •  Pet

‘Even if you are not a seasoned dog lover you have to respect the versatility and acknowledge that the dog is the only animal on earth with the ability to fit into such a wide range of training areas. Bottom line, the dog is an awesome creature’ Cristopher Cristia. 

 Cristopher Cristia’s  5 Facts for Dog Lovers

  1. If you’re not getting enough exercise chances are neither is your dog.  Too many hours watching TV, playing computer games and munching high calorie snacking have made people overweight. Now a high percentage of dogs in the US are overweight too. Obesity in dogs puts stress on their hearts, liver kidneys and joints, putting them at risk during surgery and shortening their life span. Try exercising together! 

  2. Dogs are social animals and need the company of others so they don’t feel depressed and alone. so if you want to get a dog and then keep him chained up outside – then don’t get a dog! We as human beings brought dogs into our family and dogs rely on us for love, comfort and companionship – if you can’t be a dog lover to your dog – don’t get a dog. It’s that simple.

  3. Growing up with a dog can help kids develop kindness, understanding, and respect for all living creatures. Dog companionship can improve a child’s social skills with people and caring for a pet encourages responsibility.

  4. Give your dog a job. Whatever the breed, your dog needs a job. Give him something to do, something that is his task to do, train it and then let him do it. See how proud he is when he accomplishes that small job every day for you. A daily job not only keeps a dog physically fit and healthy but keeps his brain active too.

Teach your dog new tricks.  Training in some simple tricks or agility challenges as appropriate helps build a bond between you and your dog and is also majorly fun.